Essays and Articles

"What It Means When Marriage Is a Contract," TIME

"Chipping at the Polish: The Story Behind Sarah Maslin Nir's Nail Salon Investigation," Pacific Standard

"Jersey Boys: Nike is making women’s soccer jerseys in men’s sizes. It’s about time," Slate

"What the Body Cameras Cannot See," Pacific Standard

"Changing the Narrative in Detroit," Pacific Standard

"When We Should Negotiate With Terrorists," The Week

"Why Are American Schools Obsessed With Turning Kids Into Robots?," The Atlantic

"Coffee in Space: A Bold Cup of Innovation," Slate

"The Government's Role in Supporting Families 2.0," TIME

"Real-Life Stories of Race and Policing," Pacific Standard

"Millennials Are a Found Generation," Pacific Standard

"The underrepresentation of women in foreign policy is a huge problem," Vox

"The case for paternity leave," Vox

"One is not born, but rather becomes, a citizen," Vox

"Parents Should Try Being Present Instead of Perfect," TIME

"The Untapped Potential in Science Fiction," The Week

"Feminism at a Crossroads," TIME

"In Search of a New Balancing Act," The Weekly Wonk

"More Than Ice Buckets," The Brooklyn Quarterly

"On 'Legislative Art,'" The Brooklyn Quarterly


"Health Is a Public Space," (interview with Eula Biss, author of On Immunity: An Inoculation), The Brooklyn Quarterly

"Urban Lines" (interview with filmmaker King Williams), The Brooklyn Quarterly

"Stoop Scenes: Public Art, New-York Style" (interview with artist Suzanne Lacy), The Brooklyn Quarterly

"Delighting in the Potential" (interview with poet Stefania Heim), The Brooklyn Quarterly

"Make, Listen, Read" (interview with publisher and musician Johnny Temple), The Brooklyn Quarterly


"The race to build the better battery the world desperately needs," Vox (Steve Levine's The PowerHouse)

"The Body Is a Threshold," The Brooklyn Quarterly (Claudia Rankine's Citizen: An American Lyric

"How To Tell a True War Dog Story," The Weekly Wonk  (Rebecca Frankel's War Dogs)

Review of Eugene Gloria's Hoodlum BirdsVirginia Quarterly Review


Poet, writer, and activist Nathaniel Mackey, Princeton Alumni Weekly

Anthropologist, writer, and filmmaker Ruth Behar, Princeton Alumni Weekly

Dancer and choreographer Douglas Dunn, Princeton Alumni Weekly

Writer and scholar Leonard Barkan, Princeton Alumni Weekly